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The 100-hour Bible reading begins at Fȇte-Dieu du Teche

The Fȇte-Dieu du Teche began today, and organizers hope to keep it going through Sunday.

The annual 100-hour non-stop public reading of the Bible happens in the Town Square of St. Martinville. This is the third time the event is taking place in the parish of St. Martin de Tours.

During the four days of continuous reading, 300 lectors from the various 121 church parishes in the Diocese of Lafayette as well as faith leaders from other denominations from across Acadiana are expected to participate. Organizers say the Bible Marathon will help to accentuate the rich cultural heritage of the region by including various nationalities and languages represented in the region. In addition to English, selections of the Bible will be read in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.

Lectors will be reading from a very special, handmade Bible during the Marathon. The Bible measures 12″ x 18″ in its closed position and weighs nearly 25 lbs. The Bible was blessed by Pope Francis for the first Bible Marathon held during the Year of Mercy in 2016 and has since been used in other Bible Marathons hosted across Louisiana.

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