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Opelousasopoly is coming!

The city of Opelousas tourism department is working on a new kind of fundraiser.

The effort is aimed at raising money to help throw the city’s 300th birthday party in 2020, director Melanie Lee-Lebouef said.

The plan is to create a board game, Opelousasopoly, which would be a Monopoly-style game featuring Opelousas landmarks instead of New York landmarks.

Spots on the board game will be sold to local businesses and agencies, Lee-Lebouef explained.

“We’re working on getting everyone involved,” she said. “We’re raising funds for the city’s big celebration of its tricentennial in 2020.”

The effort is just underway, so there’s still time to get a spot, she said.

For more information, call Lee-Lebouef at (337) 948-5227 or send her an email at



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