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Crowley church asking for help and prayers after roof collapse

A Crowley church is asking for help – in any form – after a roof collapse caused extensive damage to their building.

As we told you Saturday, the roof of the Love of Christ Baptist Church collapsed.

Pastor Corwin Morgan said the roof collapsed because it wasn’t built properly, and the collapse broke some pipes in the sprinkler system, flooding the cafeteria, a hallway and a small chapel.

“We’ve looked at it, and it seems that when they were building the building, there were some sort cuts taken. All they used were 2x4s when they should have used 2x6s at the bottom,” Morgan said of the roof. “Over the span of 15 years, the roof just collapsed. The weight of the roof couldn’t be supported by the structure underneath it.”

It was the water that caused damage in other areas, he said.

“We have a sprinkler system through the whole church, and once the roof came down the pipes burst and the water must have run for about four hours,” Morgan said. “Water came gushing out of the doors, down the hall, and damaged our small chapel.”

The church plans to set up a GoFundMe, but will take any help in any form, the pastor said.

“Our concern is with securing and closing the building, and we can’t find anyone to help us with that,” the pastor said. “But we’ll take any help we can get, anyone who want to help, we can use the help.”

Morgan said First Holy Ghost Church in Abbeville already has taken up a collection for his congregation and has been praying for them.

“We certainly appreciate that,” he said.

If you’d like to help, call Morgan at 388-0678 or his wife, Barbara Morgan at 329-1331.

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