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St. Landry Crime Stoppers sharing holiday safety tips

Holiday fire damage and home invasions are on the rise. Crime Stoppers, law enforcement agencies, and fire departments urge the public to follow these tips to help stay safe.

  • In case there is a fire inside your home, do not place your tree or a holiday display blocking your families escape.
  • Use a strong tree stand; secure it so small children cannot pull it down on top of them.
  • Place your Christmas tree in water or wet sand to keep it green and check for any damaged or frayed wires that could short out and cause a fire.
  • Be careful of what can be seen through your windows, holiday gifts should not be visible to anyone passing in front of your home.
  • Break apart large Christmas gift boxes such as flat screen TV’s and electronics before you bring them to the road. A criminal can easily pass by your street and see any new items inside your home.
  • When leaving your home during the holidays or on vacation, have a trusted neighbor or family member watch your home.

Remember to download the P3 app and tap the app on your mobile device to submit anonymous tips.

Brian Richard

Brian Richard

Web Producer at KATC TV 3 Acadiana's News Channel
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