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Daniel Phillips

Finally some sunshine

We woke up to the first freeze of the year Thursday morning with frost forming courtesy of the calm and clear conditions. Despite a below

Update: Severe weather threat passes

The threat of storms has passed in Acadiana, although the clouds are still expected to stick around for another few days. A brief break in

Tornado Watch for Coastal Acadiana.

A Tornado Watch has been issued for the coastline for Monday morning until noon, this will include Cameron, Vermilion, Iberia, St. Martin, and St. Mary

Dreary morning sets up a dreary day

The morning weather the last several days has left a little to be desired, it’s been foggy and rainy; warm and muggy, and it looks

Unsettled weather as front stalls

This isn’t the nicest week of weather, it’s warm, muggy, unsettled, and stagnant so there’s not even much change day to day. A front is

What's Your Story Pepin's

What’s Your Story: Cultures meet at Pepin’s in Lafayette

In search of a story, Meteorologist Daniel Phillips follows his gut to Pepin’s in Lafayette where he hears from Jose Sanchez and about one of Acadiana’s best-kept secrets. From Cuba to Acadiana, this “What’s Your Story” reminds us just how similar we all truly are.

Sunny, cool wrap up to the work week

The clouds have cleared and the sun is shining to wrap up the work week, a nice change of pace from Thursday’s storms. Temperatures have

Dense Fog Advisory Until 9:00 am

A Dense Fog Advisory has issued by the National Weather Service in Lake Charles until 9:00 am Monday morning. Visibility has dropped in many areas

Quiet first half of the week

The cooler weather hasn’t been allowed to stick around for too long, and we’re back to warm afternoons to start the week. Afternoon highs will

Showers arriving late Thursday

The skies will be gloomy again but unlike Tuesday the clouds won’t necessarily translate into any extended shower activity.

Skies stay dreary for another day

The clouds settled in on Monday and now that they’re in place they will be locked in for the majority of the work week. We’ve

Warming up before the next front

Sunshine has come at a premium the last few days, but it appears as if those clouds will finally start to lift a little bit

Little sunshine again on Wednesday

While the showers won’t be a major issue Wednesday, it’s still shaping up to be a fairly dreary day across south Louisiana.

Flash Flood Warning extended

A Flash Flood WARNING has been reissued for parts of Acadiana, for certain areas in Lafayette, Iberia, Vermilion and St. martin Parish until Tuesday, 12:15

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October 16th Flooding in Acadiana

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