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Daniel Phillips

Much nicer weather into the weekend

After a rough day with numerous strong to occasionally severe thunderstorms raked through Acadiana, the weather pattern will gradually become much more favorable into the weekend.

Wednesday’s daily forecast

There’s some active weather on the way, which you can read about here, in the meantime let’s get through Wednesday and what you can expect

Quiet sunny weather for Tuesday

It’ll be another quiet spring afternoon on Tuesday as we wait for the next round of severe weather to move in to Acadiana.

Short Sunday Evening Update

As the initial round of storms has pushed through Acadiana it appears as if we got lucky in regards to the severe weather event. The

Mid-afternoon Sunday Severe Weather Update

A well advertised round of severe weather is headed to Acadiana with arrival expected early Sunday evening between 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Here’s Daniel’s Facebook

Storms rolling in on Thursday

Tuesday got off to another chilly start but mornings with these types of temperatures are probably numbered before the long summer stretch so we shouldn’t

Chilly but sunny to start the week

Just walking outside you’ll want to do a double check of the calendar, but it is indeed the first day of April and temperatures really

Change arriving this weekend

There is some change coming in the forecast and the early signs of that change took the form of some clouds that drifted in Thursday evening.

Change is coming in the weather forecast

It’s been a pretty solid forecast this week across south Louisiana and while we could use some rainfall it’s hard to complain about the weather we’ve been given.

Spring, sunny weather continues

The weather remains quiet for another day with little change in the forecast from Tuesday’s stunning round of spring weather. High pressure will remain in

Return of beautiful spring weather

Monday’s front has come and gone bringing a few showers to parts of Acadiana, but in its wake it’s leaving sunny skies for all of Acadiana.

Sunshine and pleasant temperatures

The spring pattern continues with full force Thursday with another picture-perfect forecast on tap for the end of the work week.

Finally sustained sunshine

It feels like it’s been an entire lifetime since we had consecutive days of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. This week will finally provide just that.

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