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Dannielle Garcia

Storms caused some damage in Jennings

This morning’s storms caused some damage in Jennings. The lightning struck the tree on Sherman and Fourth Street, knocking it over as well as the

What exactly is Cinco de Mayo?

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a day that’s celebrated by so many here in the United States with margaritas, beer and salsa. But what exactly

How a love began through Festival International

Festival International is the place for dancing to live music, having fun with friends, and eating some great food. But for Festival International Director Scott Feehan and his wife Peggy, it means a lot more.

Festival visitors face parking issues

If you plan on coming out to Festival International anytime this weekend, don’t forget that Cajun Field is the official parking area. Drivers now have

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PICTURES: Lafayette Holi Festival

PICTURES: Lafayette Holi Festival

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