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What’s Your Story


What’s Your Story: Cypremort Point

What’s Your Story is back and this week Daniel Phillips heads down to the coast to Cypremort Point where we met one full-time resident who takes the good with the bad.


What’s Your Story: Cannatella’s of Melville

For roughly the last hundred years, the town of Melville has relied on Canatella’s. In today’s What’s Your Story, we learn more about the generations of family that have continued to keep the store in working order.

What's Your Story Pepin's

What’s Your Story: Cultures meet at Pepin’s in Lafayette

In search of a story, Meteorologist Daniel Phillips follows his gut to Pepin’s in Lafayette where he hears from Jose Sanchez and about one of Acadiana’s best-kept secrets. From Cuba to Acadiana, this “What’s Your Story” reminds us just how similar we all truly are.

What’s Your Story: Budden’s General Store

On today’s What’s Your Story: Daniel Phillips is in the town of Palmetto where he learns that "business" is a family tradition for the owners of Budden’s General Store. 

What’s Your Story: A family history in Kaplan

In this "What’s Your Story," Meteorologist Daniel Phillips finds himself in Kaplan discovering how the family history of one resident also shares the history of the town itself. 

What’s Your Story: Port Barre

Deep in the heart of Port Barre lies a hidden kingdom protected by the elements and guarded by its gatekeepers. In this week’s ‘What’s Your Story,’ Meteorologist Daniel Phillips learns more.

What’s Your Story: New Iberia

There’s something to be said about claiming two different places as home. If one place is lacking in a particular area the other one can easily make up for its shortcomings, as Mitzi Carruthers would describe it "it’s like having the best of both worlds." 

What’s Your Story: Turkey Creek

In today’s "What’s Your Story," Meteorologist Daniel Phillips meets a man whose adventures have taken him around the world. Despite all the beautiful places he’s been he always finds his way back to his hometown of Turkey Creek.

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