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Hurricane Center

Hurricane Safety Guide

KATC’s Hurricane Safety Guide will get you prepared for what you need to know before the season starts, before a storm makes landfall, during a a

Emergency Contacts and Education Resources

There are multiple local, state and federal agencies involved in preparing people for emergencies and offering educational resources. National Hurricane Center: For those interested in

Facts and Hurricane History

IMPORTANT TROPICAL TERMS   Tropical Cyclone – A general term used to describe a tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane. Tropical Disturbance – A poorly organized cluster of

Maps for Tracking and Planning

Know where the storm is going and how to get out of its path with satellite images, tracking charts and evacuation maps. CLICK ON EACH FOR A DIRECT

Disaster Planning Essentials

Family Disaster Plan   Waterproof all of your valuables. Use sealed plastic bags. Take pictures or better, video tape the inside and outside of your

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Holi Fest 2018 – Girard Park

Holi Fest 2018 – Girard Park

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